How do I send my photos?

Once you have purchased the number of custom heads you want to have made, we send you a link to your own private fulfillment area, this is where you select your hair styles and color and upload your photos.

Why can’t I upload my photos now?

Because of the specific nature of how the photos need to be taken, you may not have the images yet. We send you an email which allows you to upload your images once you have taken them. Please read the instructions carefully and/or watch the video on how to take photos.

What if my photos are rejected?

We will work with you to get acceptable photos for our 3D artist to model the head.  Refer to  the photo guidelines to make sure we receive photos with the flash on, looking at the camera, at the same level as the person, and no shadows.  In the end, if you are unable to provide appropriate photos, we will provide a refund of $20 per rejected order (we still have to pay our artist to review your photos).

What if I want to place a large order (for a corporate event or sports team)?

No problem. Just send an email to alex@Holodeckheads.com. We can process large orders for you.

If I order multiple heads – can they be different people or all the same people?

You can do either. Some people may want three of the same face, but different hairstyles or colors – and some people may want to upload their family, friends or co-workers. Your choice!

What is the production time?

2-4 weeks after accepting your images, depending on workload (this time does not include the delivery time by the USPS). Please order early and send photos as soon as possible. Orders placed after December 1 may not arrive in time for Christmas this year, because of USPS shipping delays.

What is your delivery time?

It takes about 3-7 days to receive by USPS but may take longer during peak holiday shipping times.

How does the gift certificate work?

To redeem a gift certificate click on the ‘redeem your e-voucher’ product, enter the voucher code, exactly as it is written in the checkout area.

Can I wear glasses in my photo?

Unfortunately no. The glasses actually transfer on to the face when we run it through our software. When you place your order you can request glases be added to the head.

Do you post out to APO/FPO addresses?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to APO/FPO addresses or via any Military Postal Service.

Do you do pets?

The software has been designed to recreate the human face digitally, using complex algorithms. The software does not recognize animal features so unfortunately, for the time being, we cannot make 3D pets faces.

Can we have hats or helmets?

We do not offer the ability for headwear yet, except for turbans; however, we are currently looking to see if it is possible.

Why isn’t my hairstyle available?

We are constantly increasing the number of hairstyles on offer, but unfortunately, we do not offer custom hairstyles. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to try out a new style and see how you look!

Can you have children or babies made in miniature?

Children under the age of 2 struggle to get a good outcome due to their facial features not being fully formed.

What are they made of?

They are 3D printed in a durable, color resin.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, but avoid getting them wet! So no taking them outside in the rain, sucking them or taking them in the bath!

My order is over 6 months old, what can I do?

We give all of our customers 6 months from the date of order, you need to fulfill your order on our website before the 6 month expiration. We cannot accept any orders that are over this 6 month period and refunds cannot be given.